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Open Letter to Aurora Dairy from a concerned consumer

Dear Aurora Dairy,

I'm just an ordinary urban middle-class consumer who finds this statement to be patronizing, insulting and dismissive:

"Aurora spokeswoman Amy Barr said organic standards shouldn't be based on an 'image of Old MacDonald's Farm' held by people who may never have been on a farm." (source: Yahoo article - 06/27/06)

Nor should organic standards be based on an image of living beings as just another profitable renewable resource to be factory-farmed like the poultry industry. People don't need to visit a farm to know that living beings need open space...not just for the quality of milk, but for the quality of life of the provider.

Buyers of organic dairy products understand that there is an ethical problem with cutting off consideration of the quality of life. It's not all about the quality of the milk, or the precise physical health of the milk provider. It's about the intangible qualities of life that all living beings share a need for. That may be inconvenient for a corporation to consider, but if your market demographic does, you'd better too.

And yes, I've read your entire web site, and even understood it. Both its strengths and obvious weaknesses and spin.

The organic demographic is apparently smarter, more informed and more ethically aware than both Amy and Aurora Organic Dairy know. I've never boycotted anything but I'm starting with Costco, Safeway, Giant and Wild Oats organic milk.

First rule of marketing: Understand the people that buy your products.

"Organic" is not just another corporate marketing's a set of ethical values. I know that's a bit alien for corporate types to understand, but I think they should get used to it to protect their bottom line, which is made vulnerable by exploitation tactics and dismissive press statements.

Also, disabling the Contact Us page isn't fooling just damages your credibility and trust even more.

Best regards,

Jeff Miller