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Oregon Green New Deal Movement Emerges

Democratic leaders are aiming to pass cap and trade in 2019, making Oregon just the second state to adopt the major climate policy. But some activists say lawmakers and Gov. Kate Brown aren’t thinking big enough.

They want an “Oregon Green New Deal.”

The movement has been brewing for a few years and is emerging publicly now amid discussion of a massive national program of investments and regulations to decarbonize the economy and promote environmental justice.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young New York Democrat, has pumped enormous new energy into the Green New Deal concept.

“Clearly the political moment is right to be branding this initiative as the Oregon Green New Deal,” said Shawn Fleek, spokesperson for OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon. OPAL is a founding member of the Oregon Just Transition Alliance, which pulls together organizations representing “frontline communities” and heads up the Oregon Green New Deal push.

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