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OREGON: Make Sure Your Vote for Measure 92 Is Counted!

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We haven’t lost yet. And with the deadline to count all outstanding ballots only days away, we’re pulling out all the stops to make sure every vote in Oregon gets counted.

There are 13,000 ballots that were “challenged” due to a technical problem. That’s enough to swing the election in our favor, but only if they get counted by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 18.

Here’s what you can do to ensure your vote gets counted. Click on this link to find out if your ballot is on the challenge list:

If your name is on the list, follow the instructions below to remedy the problem and get your ballot counted. Then share this article with everyone you can.

Yes on 92 campaign volunteers and organizers are reaching out to voters every way they can, to resolve problems with their ballots and make sure their votes are counted.

You can help! Check the challenge list to make sure your ballot has been counted and pass this information on to everyone you know!

Step 1
Check to see if your name is on the challenge list by following this link:

Step 2
If you’re on the list, make note of the reason why:
A.    Signatures do not match
B.    No signature on ballot

Step 3
Call our Vote Protection Hotline or follow the instructions below to ensure your vote gets counted.

Vote Protection Hotline 1-888-404-1269

A: Signature didn’t match
Fill out a new voter registration card to verify your signature and turn it to your county elections office by 5pm on November 18th. We can bring you a card if you don’t have one. 1-888-404-1269

To be sure your vote counts your new voter registration card must arrive at your county elections office no later than 5pm on November 18th. If you are concerned it won’t get there in time call our hotline and we’ll come pick up the card and drop it off for you.  1-888-404-1269

B: No signature on ballot
If your ballot envelope was not signed for whatever reason, you must go to your county elections office between now and 5pm next Tuesday, November 18th to claim your vote. 

Call us if you need a ride, 1-888-404-1269

Find your county elections office info here: