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Oregon Prepares to Just Say NO! to GMO

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Health conscious Oregonians are mounting a campaign to demand that GMO foods be labeled as such. The group behind this effort has a web site They have one month to gather enough signatures to place this issue on the state-side ballot in November.

The group advises that by early June, Oregonians will be able to go to the website and download a signature sheet to sign, and mail back to the organizers. They ask that you download several and get the signatures of your friends and family and mail them back by the end of June. One hundred thousand signatures are needed by the filing date of July 2, to get this onto the November ballot. The website also has a link to sign up as a volunteer.

Organizers say "If we 'miss' passing it this year, future efforts will be buried in Big Money from the corporations who profit from the GMO process. This will translate into a mountain of misinformation and large advertising budgets for TV and mail campaigns to confuse the general public." For this reason, it is urgently important to get the signatures and pass this sooner rather than later.

Experts tell us that GMO* Foods are dangerous to our health and the environment. We want them to be LABELED so that shoppers will be able to make informed choices. We have a RIGHT to know what is in our food. Many European countries have legislated the outright ban of GMOs. Entire crops of GMO corn have been destroyed to eradicate their ability to pollute crops of Real Food.
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