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Organic Consumers Association's COVID-19 Tribunal

This video features the first of several tribunals1 on COVID-19, in which we expose the willful misconduct that runs like a red thread through the entire pandemic narrative. This first one is sponsored by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a 501c3 nonprofit organization chartered to educate and empower you with information that promotes health and happiness for you and your family.

The panel, consisting of a number of experts from different fields, including scientists, doctors, authors, activists and attorneys, is hosted by Alexis Baden-Mayer. The topic, of course, is COVID-19, which has risen as the most important topic of our lifetime.

Collectively, the panelists, which include yours truly, have spent well over 75,000 hours investigating myriad events that make up the global response to COVID-19, from its likely lab origin, to where we are at present. As noted by Baden-Mayer, we find ourselves "trapped in a web of questionable science and rampant acts of alleged willful misconduct with no apparent and insight."