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Organic Consumers: Demand an End to War Funding Today

Dear Peace Voter,

This week, Congress began the 2007 session with new leadership ready to take the reigns. The problem is, the new Congress doesn't look very different than the old Congress that we supposedly voted out of office. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is promoting a troop increase, Nancy Pelosi said that she won't defund the war, and now President Bush is asking for at least $127 billion more to waste on our failed venture in Iraq. Although voters expressed a clear mandate to end the war in Iraq, Democratic Congressional leaders are already on record promising to continue the violence in our name and with our tax dollars. We think this is an unacceptable betrayal of American voters, so on January 4th, VotersForPeace is working with several peace organizations to remind the new Congress that we will no longer tolerate destroying lives and wasting money for war. We will congratulate them for their win and then demand that they defund Bush's war effort. HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP:

In Washington, DC: If you are in the DC area, join us in delivering the message to Congress  that we don't want to spend another penny for war.  

Outside of the DC-metro area: Deliver this statement to your members of Congress at their district office.  Fax, mail, or hand deliver the message, and then let us know that you've made your voice heard!  If you're unable to hand deliver the message, email it to your member of Congress

For your local paper: Send a letter to your local media outlet  echoing the sentiment that voters no longer support spending tax dollars for killing in Iraq. Let us know if your letter is published!

You will be joining tens of thousands of other peace voters in putting peace at the top of the agenda from Day One. If you can't join us on January 4th, there will be plenty of other opportunities as we continue to send our message to Congress throughout January.  Also be sure to mark your calendars for the March on Washington
on January 27th. Plan your travels now to join thousands of Americans from all across the country in Washington, DC in an act of solidarity!


Linda Schade
Executive Director