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Organic Farmers Protecting Italy's Rich Food Tradition

Limoncella, Etna, Gravenstein — these are just some of the heirloom apples and other crop varieties that Italian organic farmers are growing in a bid to save the country's vibrant food heritage.

Cristiano del Toro walks amid olive and apple trees, tomato plants and beanstalks planted in a crisscross pattern. The grass between the crops on the small plot grows high. It hasn't been mowed for some time, shrugged the Italian apologetically.

"It shows I haven't been here for a while," he explained, as he strolled down the hill to his property in Castiglione Messer Raimondo, a small village in the shadow of the Apennines' highest peak, Gran Sasso.

As he walks, he points out another farm on the other side of the valley. "That is old-fashioned agriculture, just like mine, there are some olive trees left and right, but not neat in a row like on the field next to it," said del Toro.

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