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Organic Meat sales Increased by 55% in 2005

Organic meat experienced the most growth last year in the fast-growing organic food market, according to a preliminary study by the Organic Trade Association.

The association recently released its 2006 manufacturer study that showed U.S. organic food sales totaled about $14 billion (2.5 percent of all retail food sales) in 2005 and are expected to reach about $16 billion this year.

Of organic foods experiencing growth in 2005, organic meat sales grew 55.4 percent, followed by condiments at 24.2 percent, and dairy products at 23.5 percent.

Consumers also bought more non-food organic products, total $744 million in sales last year. The most growth was experienced in sales of organic flowers, 50 percent; pet food, 46 percent; and fiber, 44 percent.