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Pandemic Pounds Have Added To U.S. Obesity––So Has Size Inflation

Many health experts have noted that the more “diet foods” people eat, the fatter they are actually getting. Why? Because they are still psychologically hooked on eating all day which is fine with Big Food. In fact it is the Big Food agenda.

The pronouncements of health officials preceded the Covid-19 pandemic in which over half of U.S. adults gained weight according to an American Psychological Association poll; two out of five gained an average of 29 pounds and ten percent gained more than 50 pounds.

According to the New York Times, the average American man (before Covid) weighed 194 pounds and average woman weighed an astounding 165 pounds. In the years 1976-1980, those figures were 172.2 pounds and 144.2, respectively.

Nor are pounds the only sign of the growing American adiposity: the average American woman in the 1950s had a 25 inch waist and today has a waist of 34 inches. Maybe that should be “waist.”