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Pandemic Vaccination - Why You Should Be Concerned

As the summer of 2009 winds down, the debate over "pandemic" vaccinations in the nation's "public" schools is beginning to ramp up.

According to the Associated Press, hundreds of public schools are "heeding the government's call to set up flu clinics in the fall, preparing for what could be the most WIDESPREAD SCHOOL VACCINATIONS since the days of polio."

Yet, despite all of the "hype" and fear-mongering, a few very important questions remain unanswered, and concerned citizens are still being left in the dark. Some basic questions should be very simple ones for Washington to answer. Who is paying for these millions of experimental vaccines? Is this yet another government "bailout program" ­ this time to enrich Big Pharma?

The single biggest question that this writer personally asked of HHS Secretary Sebelius two months ago in an "open letter" is simply: "WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS OF THE VACCINES?" Can Americans be 100% guaranteed that toxic squalene (an oil-in-water adjuvant) and live viruses will not be part of the ingredient list, since on July 13, the World Health Organization approved these substances to be included in the vaccines?

Again, I would ask Ms. Sebelius: "Please give us an INDEPENDENT analysis of the contents of the various 'vaccines' before asking us to roll up our sleeves and take the shots ­ ESPECIALLY our precious children." All we are asking for, Secretary Sebelius, is INFORMED CONSENT; instead, you consistently appear to be demanding blind, robotic TRUST as you IGNORE these basic questions.

Typically, when someone is afraid to give full and honest disclosure, it is because they have something to hide. What is the government hiding?

I would respectfully remind Secretary Sebelius that her own FDA, as well as the FTC, is the watchdog over consumer products and their safety. Various Truth in Labeling laws provide for the COMPLETE and ACCURATE listing of product ingredients on the labels. Thanks to these laws, this author can receive full disclosure of the chemicals and preservatives in a bag of Cheetos, and thus, I can make an informed decision to purchase and consume the product ­ or abstain from the same as the case may be. Nobody is forcing me, to buy and eat a bag of Cheetos. Yet, the CDC and the federal government's "health and human services" division do not seem inclined to apply these same basic consumer-protection laws to the pandemic flu vaccines. Again one must ask, "Why is this?"

Furthermore, if my bag of Cheetos happens to have some toxic mold growing in the product, which makes me deadly ill --- I have the basic right to sue the company for damages. Not so with these vaccines. Not only do we the people not know what specific chemicals and viruses are being shot directly into our bloodstreams, but again according to an Associated Press article, the vaccine companies have been given blanket immunity from lawsuits. This of course leads us to ask yet another question, "If the vaccines are so safe, why does Big Pharma need such sweeping lawsuit protections in place?"


Over the weekend, a gentleman in Belgium sent a very interesting e-mail. He had finally succeeded in getting a document from the European Medicines Agency (EMEA -the European Union's equivalent of America's FDA) that listed the basic ingredients in the primary "pandemic flu" vaccine being purchased for Europe ­ GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) PANDEMRIX vaccine. This EMEA Document is very, very revealing.