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Patagonia is Going All in on a Little-Known Farming Technique Its Founder Calls 'the Number One Thing Humans Can Do to Combat Global Warming.' Here's How It Works.

Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario wants to change the way the world grows crops, and she's ready to take on any entrenched powers that would stand in the way. 

Marcario is one of Business Insider's " 100 People Transforming Business," and in an interview for the feature, she kept coming back to one of her passions for the last couple years: regenerative organic agriculture. The experimental farming method is a system that her company's founder, Yvon Chouinard, has called nothing less than "the number one thing humans can do to combat global warming." Patagonia has been experimenting with it for the past two years through its food division, Patagonia Provisions. 

As Marcario told us, "Chemical agriculture needs to go the way of the dinosaur, or we're going to go the way of the dinosaur." 

Beginning in 2017, Patagonia partnered with the Rodale Institute, a well-respected research institution that helped popularize the organic-food movement in the United States.

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