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Protest Starbucks

Peace Coffee: Changing the World a Cup at a Time

The Minneapolis company brews a sustainable business model that rewards small coffee growers. The movement is catching on as people become more interested in paying for practices that minimize harm to the land.

Every morning, Andy Lambert, a local Olympian in the sustainable-development movement, straps on his helmet, mounts his bicycle and begins a 20-mile ride that will take him, bike trailer in tow, to several stores, coffee shops and food cooperatives where he'll deliver about 300 pounds of "Peace Coffee."

"There's something beautiful about physical labor that makes the soul rest easy at the end of a long day," said the well-conditioned Lambert, who traded a desk job to pedal nearly 5,000 miles annually. "We at Peace Coffee hope that our mantra of 'pedal not petrol' inspires other companies to consider adding bicycle delivery to their business model."

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