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PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi Slams ‘Discriminatory’ Soda Tax Proposals

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Supporters of the Berkely ballot insist the tax could help them fund $54m worth of nutrition, physical activity and health programs (Image: Miran Rijavec/Flickr)

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi has attacked November ballots in San Francisco and Berkeley that will ask city residents to approve increased taxes on sugar sweetened beverages and sweetners used to sweeten such drinks.

During PepsiCo's Q3 2014 earnings conference call today - net revenue up 2% to $17.218bn on a reported basis, net income up 5% to $2.008bn - CEO Indra Nooyi criticized the California proposals.

"I beleive that discriminatory taxes on certain categories are just wrong. I think we have to understand what the issue is we're trying to address and address it in a realistic way," Nooyi said.

We Will make our case, and hopeful that the voters are sensible enough to look at the right answer to address whatever issue it is they're addressing, she added.

The November 4 ballot in San Fransisco will require two thirds voter approval for a 2 cent/oz tax on such drinks produced  using sugar, payable by distibutors, with the proceeds earmarked for nutrition and physical activity programs for children.
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