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Perdue to Offer Organic Chicken at Half the Cost of Other Brands

Perdue offers organic chicken at half the cost

Organic chicken will soon become more affordable for consumers through a new line of Perdue products.

Perdue's Simply Smart Organics chicken products will hit the shelves in October – at about half the cost of other organic brands, according to company estimates.

The new organic chicken products will include whole grain, gluten-free and lightly-breaded varieties of nuggets, strips and tenders in the frozen and refrigerated foods sections.

Frozen, fully-cooked organic chicken can sometimes be difficult to find in grocery stores because it's typically found in specialty retail stores, said Eric Christianson, chief marketing officer for Perdue, in an email.

"We wanted Perdue Simply Smart Organics to be more available to consumers looking for a better option and in the stores where they are already shopping," Christianson said.

Exact prices for these new products are not yet available, as pricing is determined by individual retailers.

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