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Pesticides and Phthalates Top the P.O.P. Contaminants List, Polluting Earth for Decades to Come

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Earth's conventional food and water supply is quickly becoming its own huge "cancer." Persistent organic pollutants, POPs for short, are "brewing and breeding" the ultimate destruction of organic life on planet earth, as they bio-accumulate in the environment AND in human and animal body tissues. If you have any illusions about the breadth of this planetary poison, know this; POPs have now been found in locations as remote as the Arctic Circle. (

Most POPs are carbon-based chemicals which do NOT break down under environmental conditions. Some POPs have an inherent toxicity and can be semi-volatile, meaning they evaporate quickly, passing off as a form of toxic vapor, which rains (literally) right back down on the land and people. This is the elementary explanation of "acid rain." (

This impenetrable RESISTANCE to breaking down is exactly what enables long range transport of these non-biodegradable, cancer causing synthetics to regions far from where they were originally created, used or released. The toxins are then taken up and bio-accumulated in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems around the world. The United States and the "Big Agriculture and Biotech" plan to feed the world strictly GMO would add to the WORLD ECO CRISIS and could mean cancer cases reaching 80 to 90 percent of the world population within the next two decades. Cancer rates are already set to double in 10 years. (

Right now, one in every six Americans dies from cancer, in case you didn't know. Why? Due to what is termed "lipophilicity," POPs accumulate in the food chain, causing mutagenic activity in the blood and cells of all animals, including humans. Stop "marching" for the cure and learn the truth. This horror story of nutrition treason and the "burying of the cure" runs much deeper than most think. (

The "Dirty Dozen" serial killers infest the planet

There are mainly 12 chemicals, as addressed in the Stockholm Convention, of which production and release into the environment is like a slow gas chamber for the whole world to breathe in and consume, and if you ever wondered what the NUMBER ONE CAUSE of most cancer is, you just found it. (

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