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Peter Dale Scott: 9/11, JFK, and War: Recurring Patterns in America's Deep Events

Professor Peter Dale Scott adds another well-researched paper to the Journal of 9/11 Studies: "9/11, JFK, and War: Recurring Patterns in America's Deep Events."

One peer-reviewer writes: "It is an amazing paper." Another: " It should be a fine addition to the high standards seen in all the articles published to date. You are to be congratulated."

Prof. Scott writes: "If history is what is recorded, then deep history is the sum of events which tend to be officially obscured or even suppressed in traditional books and media. Important recent deep events include the political assassinations of the 1960s, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and now 9/11. All these deep events have involved what I call the deep state, that part of the state which is not publicly accountable, and pursues its goals by means which will not be approved by a public examination. The CIA (with its on-going relationships to drug-traffickers) is an obvious aspect of the deep state, but not the only one, perhaps not even the dirtiest."

He concludes: "Bush and Cheney have maneuvered America into a war on terrorism. That war threatens to become a permanent justification for curtailing the U.S. constitution's elaborate checks and balances, and its guarantees of America's traditional liberties.

"Dilip Hiro observed in 2002 that America's unilateralist war on terror is nothing less than a formula for permanent mobilization for permanent war:

"' Now, by continuing to turn a deaf ear to the plea of the Arab and Muslim leaders, starting with President Mubarak, a loyal ally of Washington, and ending with the ICO [Islamic Conference Organization, an institution for cooperation between Muslim states, headquartered in Saudi Arabia] in April 2001, to convene an international conference under the UN auspices to formulate "a joint organized response of the international community to terrorism in all its forms and manifestations," the Bush administration is failing to live up to the expectations of people around the world that America, the sole superpower, would spearhead a multilateral campaign against the scourge of terrorism based upon a commonly agreed platform, and stop indulging in unilateralist interpretations and actions to fight terror, which would set it on an inexorable course of war without end.'

"This course seems likely to endure, until America's approach to terrorism is radically redefined by popular demand. And the surest way to liberate ourselves from the siege mentality underlying it will be to finally understand the conspiracies that have brought us here."

Read the full paper here:,911,andWar.pdf