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Please Support Protesters in Argentina Against the GMO Onslaught

On 11 November demonstrators will take to the streets in Argentina to protest against Monsanto-Bayer and its silent genocide – the terrible chemical onslaught Argentina has suffered since vast areas of its arable land (currently running at a massive 80 per cent) were turned into GMO soy monocultures, with significant quantities of GMO corn and cotton being grown as well.

They’re also protesting against an entirely new threat – the 50,000+ hectares of GMO wheat that have recently been planted despite the HB4 glufosinate-tolerant crop not being fully approved for commercialization in Argentina and GMO wheat not having approval anywhere else in the world. This typifies Argentina’s role as a global proving ground for GMOs. Argentina has also been used by the agrochemical industry as its bridgehead to the rest of Latin America, including for smuggling its products into countries in which they’re banned.