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Poland declares GM-free status

Speaking at the recent Bio- Fach conference in Nuremberg, Germany, Chris Wietrzny, a representative with International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, said that all 16 regions in Poland have declared themselves GM free. “We worked with local regions and wanted people to feel that the future of their regions are in their hands,” he said.

Wietrzny said Poland has two million small family farms and rich biodiversity that people want to preserve. He also said growing GM and non-GM crops together is not possible. “We don’t believe in any possibility of coexistence of GMO and non-GMO.”

According to Agence France Presse, The Polish government recently said that it was opposed to the production of genetically modified crops in the country, but also said it favored importing GM food under strict conditions.

A government statement said, “Poland should be in principle a country free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).” Further, the government is “against the introduction of trade in genetically modified animal fodder and to the cultivation of genetically modified maize, rape, sugar beet, potatoes and soya.”

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