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The Politics of Knowledge

The industrialized food system is one of the biggest stressors on planetary health, contributing almost a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions and causing immense biodiversity loss. Furthermore, structural inequities across the food system compound the impacts on vulnerable communities. Consensus is growing: this model is no longer fit for purpose; it is failing people and the planet. Yet, key debates about how to transform food systems remain steeped in controversy. 

Agroecology, regenerative approaches, and Indigenous foodways are pathways to sustainable food systems that remain contested. 

Some funders, researchers, and policymakers choose to distance themselves from these approaches, voicing their skepticism about viability, profitability, scalability, and the evidence available. This is despite an abundance of reports, studies, and literature reviews that showcase the ability of agroecology, regenerative approaches, and Indigenous foodways to not only repair our relationship with nature but to build climate resilience while equitably nourishing our communities.