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Popular Resistance Newsletter - Time to Be Bold

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The crises we face are huge. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when the flames of fear are fanned to make us feel  insecure and dispirited. But these crises are also an opportunity to think big and to work together to go beyond reform to real transformation.

Last week we wrote about the people-powered media that bypasses corporate media blackouts and mobilizes people to take action. Another critical strength of the people-powered media is to overcome the crackdown on freedom of the press in the United States. Reporters Without Borders' 2014 study found that the US plunged 13 places to rank 46th in the world in press freedom. Imagine if the people's media blossoms with millions of us reporting the truth. It will be impossible to suppress so many of us!

Hiding the truth is necessary for those in power to continue their harmful policies and so is another form of oppression, mass surveillance. Rivera Sun writes in her Love Letter to the NSA, "As for your mass data collection addiction . . . if information were food, you'd be an obese, compulsive eater ." Thanks to whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, we are learning about the pervasive surveillance state and are working together to end it, or at least make it more difficult to do.

On the anniversary of Aaron Swartz's death, Feb. 11, "The Day We Fight Back," more than 6,000 websites displayed a banner urging people to make phone calls and write emails to Congress calling for reforms to protect our privacy. In one day, more than 250,000 people in the US and hundreds of thousands outside the US took action. Lawmakers in some states have introduced laws to stop the supply of public water and electricity to massive NSA data-collection centers. And tools are being created to protect internet privacy.  

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