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Pret a Manger Sued in Us for Labelling Products Containing Pesticides as 'Natural'

Lawsuit argues that customers are being misled after tests found traces of glyphosate in bread products

Two lawsuits have been filed against the sandwich company Pret a Manger in the US, claiming it deceptively labelled and marketed breads as “natural” when they contained glyphosate.

The “false and misleading” practice suits come after it emerged that a teenager who was severely allergic to sesame died at London’s Heathrow airport in 2016, after eating an unlabelled Pret sandwich that contained the ingredient.

In the US case, lab tests allegedly found traces of glyphosate – a biocide in Monsanto’s widely used Roundup weedkiller – in Harvest oatmeal raisin cookies, egg salad and arugula sandwiches, and other products made with the chain’s nine-grain granary bread.

A court in San Francisco last month ordered Monsanto to pay a non-Hodgkins lymphoma sufferer $289m (£220m) in damages after a jury ruled that his cancer had been caused by exposure to Roundup.

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