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To Protect Their Jobs, Whole Foods Workers Are Moving to Unionize.

"We cannot let Amazon remake the entire North American retail landscape without embracing the full value of its team members."

Updated September 6, 4:25 p.m., EST: A group of Whole Foods Market workers on Thursday sent an email to employees at most of the grocery chain’s 490 stores, urging the company’s workforce to unionize. The email—which follows in full below—depicted a company culture in disarray, with workers fearing imminent jobs cuts in the wake of Amazon’s acquisition

“Over the past year, layoffs and the consolidation of store level positions at Whole Foods Market have upset the livelihood of team members, stirred anxiety,” and lowered morale within stores, the email said. It also alleged that Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods came with an agreement to trim hundreds of millions of dollars in labor costs from the chain’s stores. 

“There will continue to be layoffs in 2019 and beyond as Amazon aims to aggressively trim our labor force before it expands with new technology and labor models,” the email went on.

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