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Protect Yourself from Antibiotic Overuse in Food and Big Pharma Medicine

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Antibiotic overuse is a major threat to public health, and after watching the documentary Rise of the Superbugs, you'll understand exactly why.

Diseases that were deadly prior to the invention of modern-day antibiotics are now coming back with a vengeance, having developed resistance to these once foolproof treatments.

First it was MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), once rare but now far too commonplace in medical settings, but now antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections like multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (TB), meningitis and others are spreading around the globe.

NDM-1: The Indian Superbug That Could Unleash a New Drug-Resistant Epidemic

Antibiotic overuse is rampant all over the world, including in India where antibiotics are available for low cost and without a prescription. There, it's estimated that more than half of bacterial infections in Indian hospitals are resistant to commonly used antibiotics, and many are also resistant to the more powerful, broad-spectrum antibiotics.

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