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Protesters Disrupt Workday at Monsanto in Davis

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Dozens of protesters braved the rain Friday to "shut down" the Davis office of multinational biotechnology company Monsanto.

The small band of activists, aided by local Occupy protesters, took credit for closing down the company, even if only for the day.

"We were successful today in shutting down Monsanto," said Steve Payan, the event organizer.

With protesters poised to disrupt the arrival of employees, the Missouri-based company apparently decided not to open its Davis office. The company did not make anyone available for comment.

The event in Davis was in coordination with "Millions Against Monsanto," a project of Organic Consumers Association. Local activists said others were taking up the cause around the country, but it was unclear how many protests there were or how effective they were. A dozen people participating in a protest in Washington, D.C., were arrested.

Payan said communities should protect citizens by banning or at least requiring the labeling of genetically modified food.

Genetically modified food is a concern for many within the United States and internationally. Supporters of a California ballot initiative that would require genetically modified food be labeled are trying to collect the 800,000 signatures needed to qualify the measure for the November ballot.