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Protesters in Salem, Oregon Denounce Influence of Monsanto Corporation

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Opponents of genetically modified organisms rallied Saturday before the Oregon State Capitol in Salem to discuss Monsanto's control over national agricultural business, its influence on politics through lobbying and the proliferation of GMOs in farming practices.

The "Rally for the Right to Know" was held in conjunction with rallies in other state capitols and Washington, D.C., as part of the Organic Consumers Association's "Millions Against Monsanto" campaign.

Event organizer Sabrina Siegel, a Eugene resident, became involved with "Millions Against Monsanto" after learning about the possible health effects of GMOs.

"As a mother I became very nervous and disturbed about the whole thing," Siegel said. "I just became worried as a parent to help all children, not just my children. It motivated me to teach people about the issue."

Rally participants spoke of the importance of supporting legislation to require food producers to list what ingredients are genetically modified.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved GMOs for consumption, but controversy remains because of Monsanto's close political ties with government regulating agencies. One current issue is the Obama administration's appointment of Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto lawyer who served as the corporation's vice president of public policy.