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The Public Has Never Stopped a President from Going to War Before, but That Might Be About to Change with Syria

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Last week we wrote about what you could do to stop the war in Syria. This week we can say-many Americans are taking the action needed to stop this war.

If we succeed, and it is still a very big if, it will be historic. We cannot remember when the American people stopped a war after a president said he wanted to bomb a country.

How close are we? The Washington Post reports that 180 members of the House of Representatives are leaning toward voting no on war. FireDogLake reports 216 are leaning toward no. Winning requires 217 votes. There are 151 undecided according to FDL. We need to solidify those who are leaning toward voting no on war and convince enough of the undecided votes to vote no. ( Click here for an updated tally.)

The media is reporting that Congress is being flooded with phone calls and that at constituent meetings people are telling their representatives to vote no on war. Immediately after the President's call for war, there were protests across the country. Hearings in Congress to authorize war were interrupted by protesters. Congress needs to hear from you: call 202-224-3121. Take part in a historic moment-stop a war!

Members of the Armed Services are speaking out against a war. Some are posting pictures on social media with messages like "I didn't join the Navy to fight for Al Qaeda in a civil war" or "I did not join the Army to fight for Al Qaeda in Syria while my brothers and sisters are being killed by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan." Top military leaders leaked to the media their concerns about the war while intelligence officials also leaked their concerns about the shaky intelligence.    

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