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Rawesome Foods Raided: A Sad Day for America

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In a time of great economic turmoil, the Federal Government has again chosen to spend the tax dollars of the people by focusing attention on and strong arming Organic Food Buying clubs.

For the second time in a year, Rawesome Foods in Venice California (a private, members only, food co-op) was raided. Owner James Stewart was taken in handcuffs and held on a felony offense. 2 others (Sharon Palmer and Victoria Blcoh) were arrested, all on criminal conspiracy charges stemming from "the alleged illegal production and sale of unpasteurized goat milk, goat cheese and other products."

Weapons drawn and security cameras disabled

Although the warrant for the raid clearly stated "various samples of any food products present may be taken for laboratory analysis", authorities illegally seized and dumped hundreds of gallons of raw milk and wiped out entire shelves and stock of other products.

Authorities conducted the raid with weapons drawn and disabled security cameras to seemingly hide infractions during the raid.

No health issues nor complaints have ever been filed against the club, and raw milk is legal in California. The issue stems from members of the club entering into a "herdshare arrangement" in which they paid a local farmer to board and milk their dairy goats. California authorities deny the legal legitimacy of herdshare arrangements, stating that such herdshares are unlicensed dairies.

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