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Regen Network Using Blockchain to Regenerate Earth's Ecological Systems

After a year of development, Regen Network is arising starting with a private token sale in order to develop blockchain and distributed ledger technologies as critical tools to help regenerate earth's ecological systems.

Characterized as the 'Balance Sheet for Earth,' Regen Network is a community of actors engaging with ecological regeneration, ecological monitoring, verification, distributed computing and technology development, centered around Regen Ledger.

The protocol allows a transperent and highly efficient way to encourage and reward farmers for the adoption of ecological land management techniques.

Regen Network features four core modules:

Shared Language - design specifically around the needs of ecological monitoring and outcome verification,

Ecological State Protocols - developed in an open and collaborative model to monitor on-the-ground conditions and generate trusted attestations about the health of ecosystems,

Ecological Contracts - which enable diverse parties to create rewards and incentives for land management strategies which produce the desired outcomes,

Decentralized Governance - Regen Consortium is a broad set of known companies and organizations which govern the blockchain and ultimately Regen Foundation itself.