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Reject Big Pharma's Vaccine Mandates in 2020

Since 2015, we’ve seen the slow and steady erosion of vaccine informed consent rights across the U.S., as the forced vaccination lobby led by the pharmaceutical industry, medical trade and government health agencies have put pressure on state legislatures to mandate every federally recommended vaccine for children and adults while simultaneously eliminating vaccine exemptions.

If the fight for GMO labeling has taught us anything, it’s that industry is willing (and able) to spend whatever it takes to strong arm government into eliminating individual rights and freedoms to protect and boost their own profits.

This tactic is even more evident in the vaccine industry, which has everything to gain and nothing to lose by making sure laws are passed to force people to buy and use vaccines they don’t want or need for themselves and their minor children.

Residents of California, Washington, Maine and New York all lost vaccine exemptions this year, as detailed in “Vaccine Exemptions Under Attack in 2019” and, earlier this month, the New Jersey legislature rammed through a bill that repealed the religious and medical vaccine exemptions.

The GMO fight five years ago did teach us another important lesson, though, and that is the value and importance of victories in smaller states, which are easier to win — largely due to the reduced cost of advertising and education. This is one of the reasons why making a donation to support Maine’s “Yes On 1” campaign is so important, regardless of where in the United States you live.

‘Yes on 1 Maine’ to Reject Big Pharma

As explained in the featured video by Mainers for Health and Parental Rights, the Maine legislature passed a law, LD798, in June 2019 that revoked religious and philosophical/personal belief vaccine exemptions and blocked access to education and certain types of employment in Maine for those without all state-mandated vaccines. As explained on

… LD798 (ch. 154) … a vaccine mandate, was pushed through our legislature by Big Pharma and will remove thousands of Maine children and adults from school and employment for missing just one dose of a required vaccine.

The bill passed despite overwhelming opposition from the citizens of Maine and is not the will of the people. Mandates coerce compliance with the rapidly increasing vaccine schedule (currently 72 vaccine doses by the age of 18) using the threat of expulsion from school or termination from employment.

With the passage of LD798, Maine became only the 5th state in the nation to remove religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination, eliminating parents and employees’ rights to decide what is injected into their own bodies and the bodies of their children.

If Mainers do not comply with the new law and choose to opt out of even one dose of a required vaccine, they face expulsion from all public, private, parochial and online schools (preschool through graduate school) as well as termination from employment.

Support Maine’s ‘Yes on 1’ Campaign

A people’s veto petition to overturn Maine’s new vaccine law garnered a total of 95,871 signatures — far more than the 63,067 signatures required to ensure a place on the March 3, 2020, ballot approved by the Maine secretary of state.2

What this means is that Maine will be the first state to put government vaccine mandates to a popular vote. To help them succeed and set the precedent for other states to follow, they need your donor support.

As mentioned, smaller states are easier to win because there are fewer people to educate on the issue at hand, which means less money is required for advertising. Maine has an advertising saturation point of about $3 million, meaning if you spend $3 million, you will reach a majority of residents and further advertising will not make a significant difference.

The “Yes on 1 Reject Big Pharma” campaign needs to raise at least $1 million to stand a chance against the wealthy and powerful vaccine industry’s deep pockets. If the freedom fighters in Maine can raise more, even better. YOU can make a difference by making a donation to this campaign today!