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Rep. Pingree Highlights Role of Farmers in Fighting Climate Change

Maine Democrat Rep. Chellie Pingree rolled out a five-point plan to “support farmers in the fight against climate change,” offering a contrast to the Green New Deal announced earlier this year, which largely sidestepped agricultural issues and came under criticism for not engaging with farmers.

“Farmers have a critical role to play in reversing the effects of climate change by improving soil health and increasing the amount of carbon stored in the soil,” Pingree, a prominent supporter of sustainable ag, said at an event at Bumbleroot Organic Farm in Windham, Maine. “New technology is helping farmers more easily measure and quantify the outcomes of conservation practices, but there are missing pieces in the infrastructure needed to make that a widespread reality. Any climate solutions must also make economic sense for farmers, so market and policy incentives will be important components.”

Market initiatives currently in gestation would pay farmers for storing carbon in the soil, which helps slow climate change.

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