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Report to Ask Why General Mills Won't Sell American Families the Same 'GMO Free" Cheerios It Makes Available To European Consumers

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WASHINGTON -- General Mills - the maker of the ubiquitous breakfast cereal Cheerios - prides itself on being a champion of corporate social responsibility (CSR), but it is anything but that in the United States, where it denies consumers the option of Cheerios without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and is a major force in the corporate campaign to deny consumers information about foods containing GMOs, according to a major new report to be issued at 11 a.m. EDT on October 16, 2013 by the nonprofit Green America.

Despite its refusal to do so at home, General Mills already offers GMO-free Cheerios in Europe   even as it incorrectly describes Cheerios sold in the U.S. as consisting of "natural" ingredients. To make matters worse, General Mills postures as a leader in corporate CSR, even as it pours over one million dollars into campaigns designed to prevent consumers from getting information about which food products contain GMOs.

The case of Cheerios is important since it is the most widely consumed breakfast cereal in America and is often the first solid food that is fed to American babies.

Phone-based news event speakers will include:

Elizabeth O'Connell, campaigns director, Green America; 

Dr. Robin Bernhoft, spokesperson, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and, director, Bernhoft Center for Advanced Medicine, Santa Monica, CA; 

Alexis Baden Mayer, political director, Organic Consumers Association; and 

Michelle Perro, M.D., pediatrician, Institute for Health & Healing, Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation, San Francisco, CA.      
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