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Report: Climate Change Threatens U.S.’s Most Hazardous Sites

A separate report released Monday discovered a Montana Superfund site was selling bags of mining waste known as slag to tourists as souvenirs.

Hundreds of sites that hold some of the nation's most hazardous materials are threatened by climate change, according to findings from the nonpartisan watchdog arm of the federal government. 

report from the Government Accountability Office said the Environmental Protection Agency could do more to protect the sites from wildfires, flooding and other disasters influenced by climate change. It comes as the Trump administration continues to express skepticism about climate change in general and has worked to roll back regulations seeking to mitigate its effects. 

At least 945 sites – or about 60% of Superfund sites in the U.S. that are not owned by federal agencies – are vulnerable to floods, storm surges, wildfires or sea level rise, according to the GAO.

The GAO recommended EPA make clear that addressing the impacts of climate change at Superfund sites aligns with the agency's goals and objectives.

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