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Research-Shock, Italian Brands in the Crosshairs – Libero Quotidiano

18 pasta brands in the viewfinder. A research conducted by the Swiss magazine K-tipp analyzed the presence of glyphosate, pesticide with possible carcinogenic action. Of the 18 packages, 13 were from conventional farming and 5 from organic farming. Of the first 13, as many as 10 products showed the presence of glyphosate residues, even if the quantities are not high and do not exceed the legal limits. And of these 4 are Italian brands: they are Agnesi (tagliolini), Divella (spaghetti), Garofalo (spaghetti), Lidl Combino (tagliatelle), although the latter is not distributed in Italian stores.

The pasta from organic farming, ie the 5 remaining products, did not register any trace of glyphosate or other pesticides. Among the Italian brands without glyphosate are Combino Bio (wholemeal spaghetti), which is also found in the Italian supermarkets of the Lidl chain, and Barilla (wholemeal spaghettoni and wholemeal penne). But what is glyphosate?