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Resistance Grows as Monsanto Invests Heavily in the Sacramento California Region: Proposition 37

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An expanding network of concerned individuals known as Occupy Monsanto has emerged over the past 8 months staging numerous protests at companies connected to the global trade of genetically engineered foods, also known as GMOs. The network announced on August 27, 2012 in a news release, "Press Release for the Occupy Monsanto Global Week of Action," that on September 17, 2012 protests will begin for an entire week in St. Louis, home of the Monsanto Corporation, and across the US including California where voters will decide if they will label GMOs this election and worldwide in Argentina, Canada, Germany, India, Philippines, and other countries where concern over GMO impact on the environment and human health is growing.

In Sacramento you can check out the website on what's happening in the local area. See, Occupy Monsanto to Gain Support for Proposition 37 in Davis. The Anti-Monsanto Project is looking for help from the public to spread the word, get involved and educated by joining. There is a Facebook site called the Anti-Monsanto Project.

The protests will vary in size and nature but are unified in pushing back GMO food into the lab from which it came. An interactive map with times, dates and locations of the 60+ protests can be found at the Occupy Monsanto Genetic Crimes Unit site. Since GMOs' introduction to the food supply in the mid 1990s, food allergies have expanded according to Center for Disease Control data," says Rica Madrid, a member of the Genetic Crime Unit of Occupy Monsanto.

Monsanto is planting deep roots in the Sacramento area

In Sacramento's suburb of Woodland, Monsanto is planting deep roots for its research on seeds and is working with the University of California, Davis. Check out the September 6, 2012 Sacramento Bee article by Darrell Smith, Monsanto growing its seed research facilities. Monsanto in the Sacramento area, Woodland, and Davis is emerging as a center for seed science. Note that the mainstream media in Sacramento is writing pro-Monsanto articles emphasizing how many millions of dollars Monsanto has invested in the Sacramento-Woodland area. 

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