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'A Revolution': Philly DA Candidate Seeking to End Mass Incarceration Wins Race

Larry Krasner, the most progressive candidate in Philadelphia's seven-way Democratic primary election for District Attorney, won the race Tuesday in what supporters call "a revolution."

Krasner ran on an unprecedented campaign to end mass incarceration and stand up for people's civil rights and liberties.

A civil rights and criminal defense attorney, Krasner told The Intercept that "the criminal justice system systemically picks on poor people, and those people, at least in Philadelphia, are overwhelmingly black and brown people." During his career, Krasner has sued the Philadelphia Police Department no less than 75 times.

Krasner campaigned for DA with promises to end cash bail and not to lock up non-violent arrestees who don't pose a threat to their communities. He has also pledged "to never seek capital punishment while working to end bail policies that lock up people for being poor, an asset-forfeiture program that has been a national disgrace, and stop-and-frisk searches that disproportionately target non-whites," observed local op-ed columnist Will Bunch for

In campaign ads, local Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter activists—many of whom had been defended by Krasner in court—spoke out in support of Krasner's DA campaign:

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