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Rich Millennials Are Shunning the Golf Communities of Their Parents for These Elite New Neighborhoods

Farm life has taken roots in cities and suburbs across America.

A new type of neighborhood known as an "agrihood" — short for agricultural neighborhood — marries idyllic settings in nature with resort amenities. Loosely defined by the Urban Land Institute as master-planned housing communities with working farms as their focus, many agrihoods offer ample green space, barns, outdoor kitchens, and farm-to-table restaurants.

Millennials, who tend to value experiences over material things, are now shunning the tony golf communities of their parents in favor of agrihoods. These communities are designed to appeal to young families who want to eat healthy, spend time outdoors, and be part of a community.

Here are seven agrihoods across the US where people are flocking.

Rancho Mission Viejo, a development company based in Southern California, trademarked the term "agrihood" in 2014. Its first two villages — Sendero and Esencia — use a focus on sustainable living to draw young families, as well as active retirees, to Orange County.

Location:  San Juan Capistrano, California

Rolling citrus groves and miles of protected creeks create an idyllic backdrop for Southern California's largest agrihood. All residents have access to communal farms with orchards and workshop space, raised planters, in-ground crops, fruit trees, and community events.

Rancho Mission Viejo is expected to build up to 14,000 homes (of which about half will be reserved for people age 55-plus) as well as a "glamping" campsite, over the next 20 years.

Time seems to move more slowly at Serenbe, a community on the edge of Atlanta. It sits on preserved forests and meadows with miles of nature trails that connect the homes.

Location:  Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia

Local food, fresh air, and a focus on wellbeing create a new standard for community living at Serenbe. Blueberry bushes line the sidewalks, and residents can pick fresh produce from a 25-acre organic farm. The development also hosts concerts, artist lectures, and outdoor dinners.

Serenbe is one of the larger agrihoods on this list, with at least 400 residents.

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