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Roaming Charges: White Riot, They Wanna Riot, They Wanna Riot of Their Own

+ Mark my words, the legislative response to the sacking of the nation’s capitol will be a bipartisanship push for more money for police and more restrictions on civil liberties, to be imposed most devastatingly on BLM and anti-war protesters, tribal activists and environmentalists.

+ I don’t have the mentalist powers of the Amazing Kreskin, but a few hours after this column was originally posted, the Wall Street Journal reported that Biden supports the swift enactment of new “domestic terrorism” laws.

+ Let me get this straight. The Capitol was ransacked in a siege, instigated by some of the Congress’ own members, that left five dead, including a police officer. The pandemic killed a record number of people in a day. Millions face eviction. The president was caught on tape trying to extort a fellow Republican to manufacture votes. Over the advice of the Pentagon, the president, who associated describe as having “lost it,” has ordered a nuclear aircraft carrier to remain in the Persian Gulf and has B-1B and B-52 bombers to Iran and China and Congress adjourned for the next two weeks? Maybe we’d have been better off if the yahoos had stayed in control of the place….

+ Trump is almost certainly right when he claims that he would have been “a great general.” As Tolstoy astutely observes in War and Peace, the strategic plans of generals are almost always bunk, they usually have no idea what’s really happening on the battlefield, they often kill more of their own troops than the enemy and invariably claim they’ve won when they’ve lost. Pretty much sums up Trump, doesn’t it?

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