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Rogue Agencies and the COVID Truth Seekers

On late Saturday night, we were woken up by a telephone call from Romania.  I answered and quickly discovered that someone didn’t realize I wasn’t in the EU.  They called again at 7:00 AM on Sunday morning – this time I didn’t answer.  Again, a phone call from the same number midmorning. This time, I picked up the phone.  The call was from a Romanian woman informing me that I needed to be very careful because she had evidence that the CIA was monitoring me (no surprise there) and that she herself was under surveillance and had at some point been subjected to a CIA rendition program.  Not sure why a CIA person would be interested in capturing a Romanian woman or what evidence she could possibly have from Romania about me… but there it is. Her key point apparently was that the Nazis are still in charge, and that I need to be careful.