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Russia Accuses U.S. of Carrying Out Biowarfare in Ukraine and China

Good morning, and Happy Tuesday, C&C! Today’s roundup: the Economist tentatively questions the Ukraine narrative; the US embassy evacuates Kyiv and offers tips for Americans in Ukraine; the Russians raise more biolab accusations against the U.S. and an essay on the implications; a new study shows masks bad for immunocomprised folks; antimicrobial infections spiking; covid passports fall in France; NYC schools hemorrhaging students; and Mr. Magoo has a close call.


The Economist ran a story yesterday headlined, “Is America Growing Weary of the Long War In Ukraine?” Well. I was immediately suspicious, because the Ukraine war hasn’t been that long, not really, not when compared to the war on covid or any other war, for that matter.

The Economist ruefully noted that “even Mr Biden’s closest allies are asking whether America might soon tire of the burden,” and admits that Biden “is more unpopular even than Donald Trump was at this point in his presidency.”