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Sales of Organic Cotton Rising in USA & Worldwide

Organic cotton product sales have increased about 35% annually worldwide, and 55% a year in the US, according to a new report.

The nonprofit group Organic Exchange in Oakland, CA, said U.S. sales of organic cotton products rose from $86 million in 2001 to $275 million in 2005, while global sales increased from $245 million in 2001 to $583 million in 2005.

The five brands using the most organic cotton globally in 2005 are: Nike, Coop Switzerland, Patagonia, Otto in Germany, and Sam's Club/Wal-Mart.

Organic Exchange also identified more than 1,200 small and medium brands and retailers offering organic cotton products in North America, Europe and Asia.

Organic Exchange expects organic cotton production to grow in the next three years as organic farming projects add more farmers and new projects start up to meet manufacturers' demand.

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