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Saving Lives—and Money—with Supplements

A new report details the incredible savings, both in terms of human lives and economic costs, from embracing commonsense preventative medicine with supplements. Action Alert!

The report, “Supplements to Savings,” was produced by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, a trade group for the supplement industry. It is a serious attempt to quantify how much can be saved if at-risk populations for certain chronic diseases utilized common dietary supplements. The results? If more people, especially those at risk for certain chronic ailments like heart disease, used certain dietary supplements, hundreds of billions of dollars could be saved and millions of medical incidents could be avoided. Unfortunately, powerful forces in our government are trying to take us in the opposite direction by making it more difficult for Americans to get the supplements they need.

Chronic disease is crippling our country. Six in ten adults have a chronic disease, and four in ten have two or more. Ninety percent of annual healthcare expenditures are for people with chronic and mental health conditions. If we have any hope of curbing this damage, we need preventive approaches to healthcare that include sensible supplementation with proven nutrients, which most Americans do not get enough of.

The report looks at coronary artery disease (CAD), osteoporosis, age-related macular degeneration, cognitive decline, irritable bowel syndrome, and childhood development disorders. Key supplements that help with each condition were examined, leading to estimates about how supplementation could affect incidence of that disease and healthcare costs.