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Savory Institute Responds to Impossible Burger's Attack on Regenerative Agriculture

Plant-based proteins don't stack up to the ecosystem-regenerating potential of properly-managed livestock. Savory Institute responds to Impossible Foods' 2019 impact report.

The following is a response to the June 2019 impact report from GMO soy faux-meat startup Impossible Foods which calls out and attempts to discredit Allan Savory and the greater regenerative agricultural movement:

This is not the first, nor will it be the last, attempt to discredit Holistic Management as a sleight-of-hand for promoting and profiting off of large scale industrial agriculture. Given the recent popularity of plant-based proteins, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the overlooked nuances of regenerative agriculture.

Claims that our work has been “debunked” disregard not just the millions of acres that have been regenerated globally and the tens of thousands of farmers, ranchers, and pastoralist communities who have stewarded this land transformation and witnessed it firsthand, but they also overlook the growing body of peer-reviewed evidence documenting that properly-managed livestock can be a net positive for grassland ecosystemscarbon drawdownwildlife habitat, and rural communities.

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