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Shah Sworn In As USAID Administrator

On Thursday, Rajiv Shah was sworn in as USAID administrator at an official ceremony in Washington, D.C., Foreign Policy's blog, "The Cable," reports. "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed overwhelming praise and relief before swearing in Shah," according to the blog, which noted that Clinton's remarks provided some "insider details" about Shah.

At the ceremony, Shah highlighted some of the themes from Clinton's development speech on Wednesday. "We can elevate development to stand with diplomacy and defense as a true pillar of our foreign policy," he said. "And in doing so we can build a broad political constituency, because people want to support this work, they just want to know we can do it effectively," the blog reports.

"Meanwhile, the development community is busy digesting Clinton's speech and contemplating what a true integration of development and diplomacy might really entail," writes "The Cable" (Rogin, 1/7).   
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