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Shareholder to Monsanto: Be Transparent about Genetically Engineered Food Risks

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Biotechnology giant Monsanto continues to tout the benefits of genetically engineered crops without seriously acknowledging any risks despite concerns repeatedly raised by farmers, citizen activists and other whistleblowers. Given the desire to satisfy investors and future profitability, it's not surprising Monsanto has only emphasized the alleged positives of its products.

However, one of its shareholders has urged Monsanto to be more balanced by reporting the potential liabilities (that have already been voiced by many).

According to the Santa Barbara Independent, Harrington Investments Inc. (HII) - a self-identified socially responsible investment advisory firm - submitted in August a "resolution requesting Monsanto publish a study on the financial risks and impacts of its genetically modified products."

As a shareholder, HHI can propose corporate changes that may then be voted on at shareholder meetings every January. In its press release, HHI points out the multi-hundred million dollar settlements relating to GMOs "that may have an adverse impact on Monsanto shareholder value."

Directly implicated in actions harming farmers' livelihoods, the environment, and public health (as mentioned in the press release and frequently brought up on our FIC blog), Monsanto failed to pass HHI's rigorous social and environmental screens that determine whether the company can be an investment option for the firm's clients.

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