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Sheep (and Soil Scientists) Juice up the Solar Farm

Solar farmers get a hand from regenerative agriculture experts to feed the soil under their arrays—another powerful tool to help fight climate change.

This is a tale of two farms: White Oak Pastures and Bancroft Station Solar Farm. Both are located in rural southeastern Georgia, a region synonymous with agriculture (read: peanuts, corn, cotton, and cattle). Both harvest the bounty of nature.

Yet White Oak Pastures is as old as Bancroft Station is new. The sixth-generation homestead operates as the economic and social hub for the town of Bluffton (population 100) and as a paragon of regenerative agriculture through its pasture-raised livestock and devotion to maintaining healthy soils and a balanced ecosystem. Bancroft Station, a state-of-the-art solar power facility, went online two months ago to power a huge Facebook data center and help meet the company’s 100 percent renewable energy goal.

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