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Shocking Discovery — Organic Mac 'N' Cheese May Contain Plastic Chemicals

Food is one of the foundational pillars of good health, providing your body with the energy, vitamins, essential fats and proteins needed to thrive. Eating a variety of whole foods helps provide you with nutrients for good health. One of the leading risk factors to disability is poor diet choices,1 and those poor choices lead to expensive health care costs.

Eating well supports your immune system, slows the aging process, helps prevent many types of chronic diseases and increases your energy level and mood. “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This quote from Hippocrates may be more applicable today than it was when he was quoted, long before processed foods, sodas and energy drinks became the norm.

I’ve been passionate about using food to optimize my own health for over 50 years. Nutrition is clearly a primary strategy for taking control of your health, as you simply cannot out-exercise your mouth. Despite an excellent exercise program, sleeping eight hours a night and staying well hydrated, if your diet is poor, you won’t reap the full benefits of your efforts and may increase your potential risk for suffering from high blood pressurediabetes and impaired immune function.

A recent study has found one more reason to steer clear of boxed and processed foods, finding chemicals banned from children’s toys a decade ago in high concentrations in food mixes made with powdered cheese, even those marketed as organic.2

Unexpected Chemicals in the Mac and Cheese

Traditionally a favorite food of children, food manufacturers have reduced a dish once made with real cheese and heavy cream to a box of just-add-water-and-boil powdered cheese. Although even in the original form, mac and cheese boosts your blood glucose and insulin levels, the processed and boxed version adds further insult to injury with endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

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