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This Shocking New Documentary Will Make You Second-Guess a Glass of Milk

On the side of the road in an unmarked white van, the award-winning investigative journalist Nelufar Hedayat, known for her global stories about women’s rights and cultural issues, such as The Traffickers, meets an undercover reporter working for the animal advocacy organization Compassion Over Killing. The unidentified man shares secret clips from his time spent on a dairy farm in the Northeast. In them are cows who get stuck in water troughs; one is pulled out by her nostrils only to slip and fall into a puddle of feces. Another is lying on the ground, either too sick or too injured to move, receiving hundreds of “hot shots” by an electric prod before she is moved on to the milker one last time before entering the sick barn. Others are kicked and hit until they limp away. It’s a scene that is consistent within the majority of investigations done, says the anonymous source.