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Should Those Who Supported Lockdowns, Masks and Vaxxes Receive “Amnesty?”

Belatedly acknowledging that many Americans are angry about having been subjected to 32 months of destructive lockdowns/school closures, mask mandates, testing and injections (“LSMTVs”), The Atlantic recently published a short essay by Emily Oster, a college professor who urges that “we forgive one another for mistakes made during the past 32 months.”

As it’s based on at least six false premises, this request for “amnesty” falls flat.

To begin with, Oster slyly proposes a reciprocal exchange of mercy among people on both sides of the Covid “mitigation” debate whom, in her view, all made mistakes. But those who opposed the Covid interventions didn’t make mistakes. Coronamania opponents knew that all of these measures would fail and would cause vast, deep harm. We said so repeatedly and at the outset. We dissidents don’t need, or seek, forgiveness. Thus, despite Oster’s proposal, no equitable exchange of blame is possible here. There’s no justice in, or logic to, mutual forgiveness.