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Side Effects and Data Gaps Raise Questions on COVID Vaccine

While many have hitched their hope for a return to normalcy and a sense of safety to the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, early reports are cause for concern. It didn't take long before reports of serious side effects started emerging in popular media and on social media networks. Examples include:

Persistent malaise1,2 and extreme exhaustion3

Anaphylactic reactions4,5,6

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome7

Chronic seizures and convulsions8,9,10

Paralysis,11 including cases of Bell's Palsy12

Sudden death within hours or days13,14,15

High Rate of Side Effects

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,16 by December 18, 2020, 112,807 Americans had received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Of those, 3,150 suffered one or more "health impact events," defined as being "unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional."

That gives us a side effect rate of 2.79%. Extrapolated to the total U.S. population of 328.2 million, we may then expect 9,156,780 Americans to be injured by the vaccine if every single man, woman and child is vaccinated. 

When I checked the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) January 13, 2021, the total number of reported adverse events for the COVID-19 vaccine (any manufacturer) stood at 3,920.

v-safe active surveillance covid vaccine

Effectiveness Questioned

In a January 4, 2021, article17 in The BMJ Opinion, Peter Doshi, associate editor of The BMJ, again raised questions about the stated efficacy rate of Pfizer's and Moderna's COVID-19 vaccines, saying "we need more details and the raw data."

Previously, in a November 26, 2020, BMJ article,18 Doshi had pointed out that while Pfizer claims its vaccine is 95% effective, this is the relative risk reduction. The absolute risk reduction is actually less than 1%. This is the typical Big Pharma trick: confusing absolute and relative risks. They played this card in spades with the statin drugs and made tens if not hundreds of billions in profits. He also stressed that severe side effects appear commonplace:

"Moderna's press release states that 9% experienced grade 3 myalgia and 10% grade 3 fatigue; Pfizer's statement reported 3.8% experienced grade 3 fatigue and 2% grade 3 headache. Grade 3 adverse events are considered severe, defined as preventing daily activity. Mild and moderate severity reactions are bound to be far more common."

In his January 4 article,19 Doshi delves into recently released summary data20given to the Food and Drug Administration. "While some of the additional details are reassuring, some are not," he says. In fact, his article outlines yet additional concerns "about the trustworthiness and meaningfulness of the reported efficacy results" of these two vaccines based on that data.

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