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So Did Scott Pruitt Remake the EPA?

The agency is smaller, poorer, and less driven by science. But “I don’t think there is a big Pruitt legacy,” one legal scholar said.

In the end, Scott Pruitt attributed it all to the Almighty.

“I believe you are serving as president today because of God’s providence,” he wrote in an obsequious letter to President Trump this week. “I believe that same providence brought me into your service. I pray as I have served you that I have blessed you and enabled you to effectively lead the American people.”

On Thursday, in the same letter, Pruitt stepped down as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

President Trump announced the news in a tweet. He also announced that Andrew Wheeler, currently the EPA’s second-in-command, will take over as the agency’s acting administrator next week.

Regardless of his righteousness, Pruitt blessed Trump by resigning. Over the last six months, Pruitt has attracted endless headlines to the Trump administration.

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